4 Reasons You Need A Convection Oven For Your Bakery Business

When you own a bakery business, you want to click here to find out more and have all the tools and appliances you need to help you be successful at your business. When you bake your bakery products, you can use either a conventional oven or a convection oven as each oven bakes foods differently. Here are four reasons a convection oven is better for your baking business.

You Don't Need to Worry About Oven Food Placement

A convection oven is different from a conventional oven because it uses internal fans to evenly distribute the heat around the foods you are baking. 

In a conventional oven, the heating elements are located in the bottom of the oven, allowing the heat to radiate upwards. The bottom rack of a conventional oven always has a higher temperature than the top rack. So, if you are baking two racks of cookies, the bottom rack of cookies will always become more browned on their bottoms, and sometimes burn. The top rack of cookies will need a little more time to bake.

If you are baking cookies using two or more racks at a time, you will need to rotate the baking sheets one or two times throughout the baking time to allow all the cookies to bake evenly. When you are working in a bakery business, this extra work takes more time away from you and your employees. With a convection oven, you can use up to three racks inside the convection oven, and all three racks of cookies will be baked at all the same evenness without you rotating them.

Your Baked Goods Will Be Much Tastier

By baking your bakery products in a convection oven, the warm air blowing around inside the oven will heat the butter inside your products faster. This releases steam more quickly into the baking process. The steam makes the dough rise higher than it would in a conventional oven, which will make your baked items more light and flaky, with a loftier thickness. Individual items such as cookies and cupcakes will bake an even brown color, including the bottoms of the cookies. 

Dehydrated fruit toppings and granolas for your bakery will dry out more evenly in a convection oven, without burned edges that can ruin your product's quality.

You Can Bake More Product in Less Time

When you bake with a convection oven, you can decrease your baking time by twenty-five percent and keep the temperature setting as you normally would for each recipe. This will allow you to bake more products in an average work day, using the same amount of energy to run your convection oven.

When you are able to bake more products during the day, you can keep up with new orders or an increase in customers, increasing your profit.

Save Money on Your Utilities

With a convection oven, you can also choose to keep your baking time the same, but decrease your oven temperature by twenty-five percent. This will add to a savings in your utility bill each month as you use less energy to bake each bakery item at a lower convection oven temperature. Your convection oven will be using less energy to generate a constant, lower temperature inside the oven.

When you save money on your utility bills, you can put the savings toward other business needs, such as purchasing new bakery appliances, advertising, or anything else your business might need.

When you own a bakery business, every smart decision can help your business by offering a better product to your customers to help increase your sales. You also need your business systems and employee processes to be more efficient to help you find ways to save time and money.