Four Reasons Your Private School Should Offer A Lunch Program

Private schools are not legally required to provide lunch for students, and in fact, many small private schools do require students to bring a lunch along with them. However, there are actually many advantages to providing lunch for your students. Here are four reasons why your private school should serve the students lunch -- even though it's not required:

It will make life easier on parents.

For younger kids, packing lunch generally falls on the parents' shoulders. It adds one more responsibility to their already busy day and might even require them to get up earlier. If you provide school lunches, the parents will have less to do, resulting in happier parents -- and as a side effect, happier kids. This might even attract more families to your school, as busy professional parents may scoff at the idea of having to pack their kids a lunch every day.

You can hire an outside food service program.

Some private schools avoid offering lunch because they don't want to have to go through the process of hiring an entire food service staff, training them, ordering the food, setting up the kitchen, and so forth. But it's actually much easier than this. There are food service management programs that you can sign a one-year contract with. They then come to your school and run the entire program, from ordering the food to serving it. The only thing you need to worry about is supervising the kids while they eat, and this can generally be managed by the teachers.

You don't have to worry about kids who forget their lunch.

If kids are expected to bring their own lunch and one of them forgets theirs at home (which is likely to happen at least a few times per year), finding that child something to eat can be a struggle. If you have a school lunch program, you don't have to worry about kids going hungry because they forgot their lunch. If someone forgets their lunch money, they can simply owe the food service program and bring the money the next day.

You can teach kids about food more easily.

You can use the school lunch program as an opportunity to teach kids about the nutritional value of certain foods and how to prepare a balanced meal. It's a lot easier to discuss the nutrient content and benefits of carrots, for example, if everyone is being served carrots. 

Contact local food service management services for more information and assistance.